An Investigation of Energy Psychology Approaches

Thank you for your interest in this study.

Please read the steps and then choose below which survey you wish to complete.

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Please make sure that you have the minimum training requirements to be part of this study. See below.  


  • Thought Field Therapy: 2 day algorithm training
  • Emotional FreedomTechniques: EFTi Level 3, or ACEP Professional skills Level 2, EFT Universe 4 day training, Evidence Based EFT 3 day Practitioner training + 2 day Trauma Training
  • Tapas Acupressure Techniques: Certified TAT Professional
  • Advanced Integrative Therapy: AIT BASIC
  • HBLU: Complete 3 semesters of Module 6 Post Grad
  • Havening: Practitioners must be certified by to participate.
  • Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT): Certification Program with Peaceful Heart Network
  • Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP): minimum credential being DCEP or CEHP

The Steps Involved

  1. Energy Psychology practitioner chooses to participate in the research – complete the consent form below
  2. Energy Psychology practitioner watches the onboarding video to be clear on the steps here.
  3. Energy Psychology practitioners asks participants (clients) if they wish to participate in the research – if yes, the participant completes the first survey before they begin sessions (or immediately after first session) on the Participant Page
  4. Participant (client) also completes the mid-session survey and final survey on the Participant Page
  5. Energy Psychology practitioner completes their feedback on the Practitioner Page after a participant (client) completes their sessions
  6. Follow-up survey reminders at 3- and 6-months will be sent to the Energy Psychology practitioners for their clients to complete (as no identifying information is collected)
  • Psychological distress
  • General happiness
  • Well-Being
  • Perception of body states
  • General psychological symptoms
  • Childhood distress
  • Anxiety / stress
  • Depression
  • Trauma / Post traumatic stress
  • Somatic complaints (physical)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Addictive Issues (food, alcohol, drugs…)


  • This research is collecting data on single modalities and thus is not appropriate if many different approaches are used within a single session. For example, if a practitioner uses a blend of energy psychology (EFT, Havening and TAT in a single session) this would not be appropriate to include. Instead we require practitioners to be using a single modality (e.g. TFT or EFT only) for a client to be included in the research.
  • It is also important that treatment overall focus on a central theme (e.g. anxiety). Although different precipitating events, traumas, aspects and triggers may be addressed as needed, the overall treatment has a single focus.

Watch the Overview Video

This video is to learn how to use this website and participate in the research.

Practitioner Consent

This survey is for Energy Psychology Practitioners to give consent for the research.

Practitioner Feedback

This survey is for Practitioners to give feedback on sessions when a participant completes their intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions
Single Sessions

Can I invite clients to participate if they only consult for a single session, as this is all that is needed?

Yes you can – this is where it is important to have them complete the first survey BEFORE their session. You would then have them complete the final survey after their single session, and ignore the mid-way survey.

Long Term Clients

Can I ask clients I have been seeing for some sessions, to participate?

This study is designed for new clients who are yet to start sessions, in order to have a baseline of their concerns. However, if you saw a client some years ago and they re-engage it may be appropriate to invite them if they are consulting for a different issue.

The Mid-Treatment Survey

What if I don’t know when the mid-session survey should occur?

The most important surveys are the first and last ones (before and after any intervention). If you do not know when the mid-intervention point would be, it is okay to skip that one. 

Testing the Survey

What if I want to look at the survey questions before asking my client to participate?

You can do this by completing the survey yourself (does not have to be real life answers). In order for us to know you are doing this as a test, you need to enter this code in the code box (so we can delete this data and not use it) – XXXXX

Minimum Practitioner Requirements

Are there any minimum training requirements for practitioners to be involved?

Every EP modality may have its own training standards and we ask you these in the practitioner survey. We also ask the years of experience you have. Not every EP practitioner may be licensed, but ideally you have completed a robust training that is an industry standard for your field. Please see the list above for the minimum training for each modality. 

Accessing Data

If I want access to my client’s data, is that possible?

The researchers do not have the ability to identify the participant data, and thus cannot provide individual data and outcomes. However we can provide group analysis to industry leaders if needed (e.g. for credential or CE purposes for a single modality).  Please note this may incur a fee outside of standard analysis periods. 

Thank you so much for participating in this extremely valuable research.