An Investigation of Energy Psychology Approaches

Overview of the Study


This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of Combined Somatic and Cognitive Therapies (often termed energy psychology techniques).

This research is a collaboration between Bond University in Australia and The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology in the United States. You can read about the Chief Investigators below.

You can choose to participate by reading more below and by visiting the About The Research Page above in tabs.


Inclusion Criteria

Participants in this research will be trained practitioners using an Energy Psychology modality for clients. They will ask adult participants (18+ years, English speaking and able to access the internet) if they wish to be included in the study. No identifying information will be included from clients.

Energy Psychology Modalities

This study is examining a broad range of Energy Psychology modalities.  You will have the option to list yours if it is not indicated.

What You Need to Do

After the practitioner gives consent, they will ask interested participants who want to be involved to complete some surveys during their time consulting with the practitioner. No identifying information will be collected from the participants.

The Chief Investigators

Dr Peta Stapleton

Associate Professor

Dr Peta Stapleton is the world’s leading researcher in EFT, having run numerous world first clinical trials.  She has received many research awards and published more than 30 papers specific to the topic, three books and two book chapters. In 2019 Dr Stapleton was named Psychologist of the Year for her EFT research by the Australian Allied Health Association.
You can view Dr Stapleton’s research page here

Dr Robert Schwarz

Executive Director of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Dr Robert Schwarz is a licensed psychologist and the Executive Director of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). ACEP is a professional organization for licensed healthcare providers and allied health disciplines and the largest international organization promoting research and application of energy psychology approaches. You can read more here.